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Feminine Wisdom for Women's Success

Professionally recorded, this E-Course includes seven videos and accompanying notes/worksheets, one of which is a beautiful meditation offering a direct connection to the qualities of Feminine wisdom.

What you'll get:

  • Introduction to Feminine Wisdom (see above) - the term feminine is used in 3 ways, relating to gender, relating to inner feminine and for the Cosmic power of creation.
  • The Feminine Success Formula - Part A and Part B - There is a formula for right relationship between feminine and masculine energies. If you have ever 'burned out' or been called a 'balls breaker' or another derogatory term, you may be leading with your masculine energies rather than true feminine leadership.
  • The Feminine Wound - Part A and Part B - When the feminine is suppressed and invalidated, shadow forms of masculine and feminine appear. The route to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is through healing the Feminine Wound.
  • The Feminine as Power - Part A and Part B - Shifting from application of the term feminine to gender and to inner energies, we look at the transpersonal/cosmic Feminine who births the Universe. (A womb is required for gestation and birth.) From this perspective, the Feminine represents energy/power/creativity.

Your purchase is refunded if you subsequently become a coaching/mentoring client.